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Anthony G. - "I haven't needed pain medication for a long time!"

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Christie W. - I'd drive to Denver to see Dr. Hanley if I had to!

I don't EVER write thank you letters because I've NEVER had a real reason to...until now...I've battled a strong Sciatic nerve problem of over 4 years. I've seen during that time more Chiropractors than are in the phone book, many massage therapists and tried different techniques like Acupressure and Acupuncture with VERY LITTLE relief or results. I can't even begin to guess how many Thousands of Dollars I've spent on everybody's sure fire fix/recommendations. I mean this year alone I've been to at least 8 different Chiropractors, so when my friend recommended Dr. Hanley, I said, 'been there, done that, and have the T-shirt and NO RESULTS!'.  But he insisted and because of our friendship I said 'one last try'... EVERYTHING changed with Dr. Hanley and his massage therapist. That was and is the GREATEST decision of my life! After a massage and an adjustment by Dr. Hanley, everything moved and I haven't felt the pain since! That was 2 months ago and I now have a reason to not only write this letter of thanks, but with Thanksgiving just passing, I NOW HAVE A REASON TO BE THANKFUL - MY LIFE HAS CHANGED!!!

Jim S.

I have to tell you I Love this Chiropractic office. Last Friday I had suffered with a Head ache all day, to the point where my eyes had began to swell shut and I could not function, I could not see straight the pain was so bad. I went by to See Dr. Hanley at Cheyenne Mountain Chiropractic and he very nicely carried on a conversation with me and told me to relax, (I am not a relax type person) when I'm in pain I can't focus at all. As he spoke to me I did relax and he adjusted me. I have to tell you I am impressed and that head ache left. I had always had a fear that adjusting my neck would be too traumatic and I'm certain I am not the only one who feels like this, but if you hesitate at all it is my hope that you will go see him and his wonderful staff and put those fears to rest. I have had head aches so bad I have been in bed for days. I will never go through that suffering again. Cheyenne Mountain Chiropractic you have my business from here on out. Thank you so much.

Sandy T. 

My family and I have been seeing Dr. Hanley at Cheyenne Mountain Chiropractic for over 5 years. My son plays many physically challenging sports (football, lacrosse, skiing), which require him to get adjustments often to keep his back and neck aligned. My daughter is a gymnast, which requires her to also get adjustments regularly. I have had cronic low back pain for over 18 years due to my pregnancies. Just doing regular everyday chores can put stress on your whole body. What a difference it has made to get regular adjustments. Having recently turned 50, I have come to realize how important Chiropractic medicine is for the quality of my life.  With the cost of medical care increasing daily, Chiropractic care is a bargain! And you are not filling your body with unnecessary drugs that could harm you in the future. I have come to know Dr. Hanley and Angelea well, and would definitely consider them more like friends. It sure is nice to be able to call in for a last minute appointment, my name instantly recongnized and get right in. Living only 5 minutes from the office is a plus, as I am able to save on time and gas. Thanks Dr. Hanley and Angelea for a Job Well Done!

Liz T.

Dr. Hanley really is an awesome and wonderful Doctor!!! He is such a great people person too. He treats his patients with such care and he always explains why he does a treatment and never pushes you to participate in a treatment if you are not exposed to do so. (like some doctors out there might try to do) He also has a great sense of humor too. I am so glad I was blessed to find him and his great team when I needed treatment. I would not be able to perform normal everyday functions if it were not for the treatment I received in his office.

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Liz T. and kids

Mike H.

Sam J.

More Patient Testimonials:

Hi my name is Sam and I want to tell you about my wonderful experience at Cheyenne Mountain Chiro. I will make it brief. My wife and I along with our two children relocated here to the Springs in September 2009 after having an automobile accident where my beloved wife Gwen suffered some serious injuries as the driver and I minor injuries as a rear seat passenger. I don't recall how we stumbled upon Dr. Richard Hanley, but it truly was a God send. He took us on with undo respect. We fell in love with his place from the moment we walked through the door. We were treated like family as though we had always been apart of his establishment. And the physical care which we received and I continue to receive is superb. I feel like a new person each time I visit. There can be no better place that takes the welfare of its patience so seriously. I have never been more grateful for the service render on our behalf. I am very thankful for Dr. Richard Hanley and Ms. Angelea.  May God bless you both abundantly. 

Sam J.

"Before coming to see Dr. Hanley, I had pain all over my body.  It was difficult to walk, and I was just plain miserable.  I was so frustrated with the lack of help from the medical profession that I had resigned myself that it just couldn't be fixed.  I had given up!  Then a friend insisted that I see Dr. Hanley, and I began to feel better all over.  I was struck with his sincerity and genuine concern for his patients.  He feels like he is a friend, and not just a doctor."

Cathy S.

"I've always been skeptical of chiropractors or the idea of them as most people probably are as well. After deciding to go in, I spoke with Dr. Hanley for some time about why I feel I may need chiropractic care. Being in the military, we do things that really take a toll on our bodies after time. I know anyone that is active in running and exercising may agree as well. So with this, Dr. Hanley reviewed my concerns and gave me his opinion. After the first couple of weeks going in and receiving adjustments, I felt like a whole new person; easily run able to do things I was restricted to before. Even now....many months later, between going in when I have a chance without an appointment, Angelea and Dr. Hanley are beyond friendly and take an interest in what I do and how things are. You can't ask for much more than that. I've also received deep tissue massages and let me just say....they get the kinks that are built up in the body and you just end up feeling beyond relaxed. Thanks guys for everything."

Mike H.

"I am an accountant who spends a lot of hours in front of a computer especially during tax season. When I first went to Dr. Hanley, I could hardly move my neck and my shoulders were extremely knotted and tight...I was not an advocate of chiropractic care so waited way too long to go for help. That was three years ago and I now go monthly to keep my new found flexibility and the relief I received through Dr. Hanley's professional care and continual attention to ensure that I do not have recurring or new issues with my skeletal system. Dr. Hanley and Angelea are the greatest and I have definitely changed my thinking about chiropractic care thanks to the care I have received."

Dee C.

"I came to see Dr. Hanley almost 5 months after a car accident, and after dozens of visits to other doctors with no help for my severe neck, back and shoulder pain. I have been regularly seeing Dr. Hanley and the massage therpaists for treatment and feel amazingly better. Everyone in the office is professional, helpful and friendly and they really listen to you."

Jennifer P.

"I had been in a car accident and was having severe headaches, shoulder pain, and low back pain. I had tried physical therapy, acupuncture and medications, with little help. Then I began seeing Dr. Hanley and he has helped me tremendously. I am now able to function and go to work daily without forcing myself to work through the pain. And the best part about the care I received is the caring and compassionate way that Dr. Hanley performs the treatments and treats his patients. Everyone there is very helpful, caring, friendly and professional. It works! "

Lanette L.

"I was referred to the office via word of mouth and I LOVE IT! Dr. Hanley is a miracle worker. I haven't been in a while, but I would bet my whole paycheck that the quality and service hasn't changed. I had a really bad cramp in my neck and the Doc help me feel sooooo much better. He is funny and friendly and so is everyone else in the office. I feel like Family every time I go in the office. They call me by name; "They say Hey Jazz!!" and that really makes me feel important. I also love how easy it is to find and the fact that they offer a military discount."

Jacqueline P.

"Dr. Hanley took my husband on as a client after an emergency visit landed us in his office on a weekend. My husband has been a very happy and loyal client ever since. Dr. Hanley is the first chirpopractor that my husband has ever seen and he will never go anywhere else. I have recently become a client of the clinic and I could not be happier. I came to the clinic in an "emergency" type situation and am very satisfied. Dr. Hanley and Angelea are fantastic and provide such welcoming and appreciative service and I will continue to suggest them to anyone in need of their services.The knowledge is evident and you can tell that his main concern is the patient and their satisfaction. It is a very refreshing atmosphere. Thank you!"

Dana K.

"After my husband and I were in an Auto accident we found ourselves in search for a Chiropractor. It was important to us that we find a Doctor that we felt comfortable with and confident that we could get great results. Cheyenne Mountain Chiropractic has been the right choice. When I called the office enquiring about Dr. Hanleys practice, I had a hundred questions for Angelea, the office manager. She gave me the answers I needed to make the choice to see Dr. Hanley. My husband and I are very pleased at the quality of care we are receiving and are improving everyday. Dr. Hanley is a extremely knowledgeable Doctor who will give you results and the quality care you deserve. Extremely Happy!!!! Thank you Dr. Hanley and staff."

Sharon & Karl H.

"Dr. Hanley, Angelea and the rest of their associates and staff are very friendly and very professional. Going to their office is like being welcomed home after a long absence. But it doesn't stop there. When you talk to Dr. Hanley about your spinal health issues, he really listens and explains to you not only why you're hurting but how to keep it from getting worse and with regular, scheduled visits, the issues you have slowly disappears. What I truly appreciate is their flexibility. So even if you don't have an appointment and you're in pain, you can just pop in and Angelea can squeeze you right in, no problem. And they have very reasonable rates so even if your insurance doesn't cover that extra visit, you're still good. We're happy with having Dr. Hanley and his team taking care of us."

Grace & Frank C.

"I have been going to Dr. Hanley for several years now and wouldn't go anywhere else! He and his staff are truly caring and professional. They really take the opportunity to get to know you. I feel so much better after my treatments and always look foward to my monthly adjustments!"

Amanda W.

"I was having back and neck pain, as well as breathing problems.  Since seeing Dr. Hanley my breathing has improved, my back and neck pain is reduced significantly, and I can now go on hikes again.  Dr. Hanley's office is incredibly professional, very accommodating to my busy schedule, and knowledgeable, as well as consistently pleasant and caring."

Heidi M.

"The staff at Cheyenne Mountain Chiropractic are top notch!  Dr. Hanley started treating me after I suffered a car accident.  He was quick to diagnose my problem and has since corrected the issue.  Cheyenne Mountain Chiropractic allows flexible scheduling and has an excellent reputation for offering military families affordable rates.  The front desk staff are courteous and will help you get the services you need.  This office has a loyal customer for life!!"

Jim S.

"Love going to see Doc hanley!  He really helped me through some rough lower back pain and after only a couple of visits, I was significantly better.  It's always easy to get in to see him and everyone in the office is helpful and friendly.  It's like going to see a good friend!

Christie W.

"Dr. Hanley is always available when I'm in pain and gets me feeling good again after an adjustment.  I have always known about the importance of Chiropractic care, but until recently, had not realized how important it was for me.  Dr. Hanley has helped me understand the importance of regular Chiropractic maintainance as part of a healthy lifestyle, and for that I am forever grateful.  I encourage everyone to visit Cheyenne Mountain Chiropractic, where you will feel at home while you are there, and will feel better when you are at home (thanks to great adjustments)!  I am also extremely thankful for the military discounts!  Thanks!!"

Heather O.

"Dr. Hanley and his staff are among the best I have ever met. Being millitary, I move a lot and it's always a challenge to find a new chiropractor in a new duty location. Dr. Hanley is professional and caring and he has always been flexible with my schedule."

Ann M.

"When I visited Dr. Hanley recently, I was stooped way over, unable to stand erect and in a great deal of pain. He was able to see me quickly. After two visits he was able to give me a great deal of relief. I would recommend him to others who need such help."

Norman O.

"Dr Hanley is awesome. My daughter loves coming to my appointments as well since he makes balloon animals. He fixes my back and my daughter leaves happily with a balloon too. Great office for families."

Karen N.

"Dr. Hanley and his office staff are very friendly and helpful. You are not just another number to them. I have always had back discomfort, but with Dr. Hanley's help, it has been alleviated. I always look forward to my appointments!!"

Christy R.

"I having been coming to Dr. Hanley for over 3 years now.  I started visiting him because of neck pain.  He determined that most of it was stress related, and he quickly put me on a maintenance program, which has helped me to be pain-free most of the time.  He even advised me on how to set-up my workstation to reduce the stress on my body.  I always feel great after a treatment!"

Don B.

"Before coming to see Dr. Hanley I had a lot of back pain and headaches.  I had seen several medical doctors, but they told me that there was nothing wrong with my back.  They really didn't know what was causing my back pain or headaches.  Dr. Hanley fixed my back problems!  I rarely have any back pain, and my headaches are greatly reduced as well.  I had NO back pain at all throughout my entire second pregnancy thanks to Dr. Hanley!  He works with me on a personal level, is very accommodating with my busy-mom schedule and is very honest and ethical."

Heidi F.

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