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Recovery from Car Accidents

Your Chiropractor Is Usually Your Best Source for Care after a Car Accident Injury

People who have suffered a car accident injury often develop so much pain and stiffness that they cannot function. However, these debilitating symptoms may not set in right away. Chiropractor Dr. Richard H. Hanley of Cheyenne Mountain Chiropractic in Colorado Springs, CO, has been treating car accident injury patients for nearly 30 years and offers unique services that can speed your recovery.


It's always best to see your chiropractor right away after you are involved in a car crash.

There is no such thing as a non-injury auto accident.

When you are riding in a moving car, your body moves at the same speed as your car. When your car comes to a sudden halt in a wreck, your body continues moving forward at your car's previous speed until it is stopped by a seat belt, an air bag, a door, or a windshield.

Coming to a sudden stop at speeds even as slow as two or three miles per hour can result in injury. The general term we use for this kind of injury is whiplash, which is a very good description of what happens. Your neck and head snaps back from forward motion quickly with great force just like the lash of a whip.

Whiplash does its damage to the muscles and ligaments in your neck, which in turn pulls your cervical spine (the bones in your neck) out of alignment when they become inflamed. It is also a must to make an appointment to come in to the chiropractor's office as soon as possible if you experience any of the following:

  • Headaches.
  • Blurry vision.
  • Neck pain and/or an inability to turn your head from side to side.
  • Back pain and/or an inability to bend at your back.
  • Numbness, burning sensations, or tingling in your hands or feet.

Your chiropractor is an expert in treating neck and back injuries.

Chiropractors are experts in the alignment of the spine. If the vertebrae of your spine fit together the way they should, you may not have an appreciation for the ability to return them to proper alignment. However, if you have ever had a misalignment of your spine, due to direct injury, or maybe to a ruptured disc, then you have a keen appreciation of how spinal alignment can put a stop to unremitting pain.

Chiropractors have many tools in addition to spinal manipulation. Dr. Hanley offers ultrasound treatments, traction, spinal decompression, massage, and cryotherapy. He can refer you to even more therapies if you need them, all of them drug-free and none of them involving a surgical theater. You have to take the first step by making your appointment with Cheyenne Mountain Chiropractic at their Colorado Springs office.

Cheyenne Mountain Chiropractic is here to help.

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